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Alpine Skiing Novice to expert

Alpine Skiing


They play the ski games specially invented for them. Jumping, playing, singing – they acquire the ski knowledge by having fun. This is the point of group lessons for children.

Everyone will find his place in order to progress by respecting his own rhythm, all that in easygoing atmosphere.

During all week there is a professional evaluation permitting a stress less evolution into a higher level. There is no stressful exam at the end of the week so the kids are relaxed even during their last lesson. They can enjoy their course and learn until the end.

The ski level is validate by a medal and a booklet, both included in the price of the course.



During the winter holidays you have a choice between three different schedules. You can avoid the waiting line down the lifts (9 h – 11 h, 11 h – 1 pm, 2 h 30 – 5 pm)



The group lessons are perfect to progress in a nice atmosphere.

Whatever your level is, we can make it better.

The beginners – you have a chance to know better the bases of skiing, to find your equilibrium, to slip and change the direction, to turn, going down on your first slopes and have a nice time in a friendly and relaxed vibes (in group session or individual lessons).

The experienced skiers – we will teach you the tricks which will permit you to improve your technical and to develop your style in order to play with the ground and the different types of snow.



In order to feel the strong sensations in developed conditions, come and taste to the joy of Freeski - this traineeship will allow your progress in a real fun atmosphere.

It consist on using a special accompaniement and a different approach to enjoy the mountains in its most extreme aspects. This freeride freestyle weekly traineeship is destined to the teenagers having the gold cristal minimum. 

Only during the winter holidays.

GROUPS LIMITED from 5 to 8 children in the kindergarten and to 10 persons on the slopes.