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Kindergarten Club Eurosport Mini Champions


5 to 8 children MAXIMUM BY GROUP

The Eurosport Club of Little Champions.

From two and half years.

Our garden kids is situated in the heart of the village. This club for kids is specially prepared for them in a safe, funny and colorful environment. The rope tow is for free.

We propose a real ski class in small groups of 8 children maximum.

Your little treasures are under the supervision of our instructors who have the special experience in the relationship with children. The point of every lesson is make the kids having fun on the ski in the middle of the teaching space and, when it is possible, to take them on the ski slope.

There is a break for teatime snack during the lesson. Warm place with toilets.

At the end of the week, every child will get a test book and a medal which will show his progress and the level of his competences.

For their first time on ski, mostly for the youngest ones (from 2 and a half to 4 years old) we advise you to start with a simple discovery session.

We think that it is better for you to choose a trial session first instead of taking the engagement for whole week directly.


Discovery Session 49